Fully booked 2017

Last week marked five years since I registered Shaun Rose Photography as a business.
I honestly didn’t know if this was just going to be a fad and I would soon get sick of doing it, or if people just wouldn’t be interested in hiring me.
I look back now and I am blown away by how far I have actually come.
I never intended this to be any bigger than, maybe, a couple of weddings a year and perhaps some family photos now and then.
But it is like a drug and so additive....
In five years I have photographed over fifty weddings, in reality fifty isn’t that many for a wedding photographer.
Each year I have increased the number of weddings I photograph; four weddings one year became six the next, then ten… fourteen… nineteen and in 2017 I have a massive twenty-four!
This means I am fully booked for 2017.
I would like to thank all of my clients over the past five years, and everyone else involved along the way, who have made this experience so much fun!
Thanks to my wife and kids for putting up with me sitting at a computer most days and spending weekends out and about at weddings or meetings. I do love you guys very, very much!
I still have a long way to go with my work, so much still to learn.

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Friday, Oct 21, 2016

2016-17 Wedding Giveaway

2016 will mark 5 years since I first registered my business.

When I started, I was just like the shy person at school, I half put up my hand to say, ok here I am, I’ll give this a go and probably do a couple of weddings a year.

I never thought that 5 years on I would be where I am now; about to crack 50 weddings.

50 may not sound a lot but I also have a full time job. It is only possible to photograph weddings with the support from my family and also my bosses.

It isn’t always easy to juggle photography in my everyday life and because of that I do only take on a certain number of weddings each year.

Why do I photograph weddings? Plain and simple… I thoroughly enjoy it.

I have so much fun and as long as people keep asking me to photograph their weddings and, I suppose, as long as the passion is still there, I will keep doing them.

So I come to the main reason for this post.

To celebrate 5 years, cracking the 50 mark in 2016, I am giving one lucky couple who books the Deluxe Wedding Package in 2016-2017 their wedding photography for free (via redemption).*

That’s right, book my Deluxe Wedding Package for 2017 (2016 clients are already in the draw) and you will go into the draw to win your wedding package refunded in full.

Simply head to www.shaunrosephotography.com and hit the contact tab and fill in all your details to find out if your date for 2017 is still available.

The draw will take place at the conclusion of all weddings in 2017 and the winner will be notified via email.

Remember, I can only take on a limited number of weddings per year, so be quick.


*Terms & Conditions.

-Only weddings taking place between 1st January 2016 and December 31st 2017 are eligible.

-Only open for people who book my Deluxe Wedding Package.

-The refund only applies to the amount of the Deluxe Wedding Package and excludes travel, accommodation, car hire and anything else outside of the Deluxe Wedding Package.

- No date will be held without a deposit paid.

-Draw will take place on the 31st December, 2017.

-Please note 2016 is already fully booked.

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Monday, Dec 07, 2015

Fully Booked 2016

I know when I get a certain look from my wife that I have booked enough weddings for the coming year.

Having 3 kids under 10 and working a full time job I only take on a certain amount of weddings per year.

I am now fully booked for 2016 and it is going to be huge!

I have booked more weddings than ever before, I am photographing weddings at locations I have never been before and I’m also visiting some old fav’s along the way and I am excited!

Getting married in 2017?… Stay tuned… I might have something you will be interested in!

Kind regards,


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Thursday, Nov 26, 2015

Nearly full booked 2016

It has certainly been a crazy last couple of months with April probably being the busiest month I have ever encountered.
With so much more to come in 2015 I am now at the point where I have only 4 spots available for weddings in 2016.

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Friday, May 15, 2015

Adrian & Aimee

Many wedding photographers will agree there usually isn't a lot of time for formal photos as it is without getting into a wetsuit and jumping in the water.

But being adventurous as I am, I'll give anything a go!

This weekend I had the pleasure of going out to the Abrolhos Islands, off the coast of Geraldton WA, to photograph Adrian and Aimee's wedding.

This wasn't just a wedding, this was a lot more than that.

There is so much history at the islands for Aimee's family, including her parents being the first couple married out there 27 years ago.

I was made welcome, like part of the family, over the two night stay and just with that two day experience I can imagine how much of a close community the crayfishermen had.

I would like to thank the Arnold family for looking after me, it was truly an awesome weekend.

Also, a massive shout out to Tom Forward for letting me borrow his waterhousing setup, I need a bit more practise to be anywhere near as good as Tom. You can check out his website here


And of course the biggest thanks goes to the married couple, Adrian and Aimee.

I hope you both enjoy this sneak peek and look forward to a couple of surprises which I am keeping for your album.



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Saturday, Mar 15, 2014
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