Jessica & Ben

The Shaun Rose Effect

 Three months on from our wedding and we are finally getting around to the long overdue thankyous and testimonials! I have intentionally left this one until last, not because we are not thankful toShaun or willing to testify to his photography service, but because I have been struggling to find the words to convey our gratitude!

 So let me take it back a step and I am going to be completely honest here: unlike many brides writing testimonials for Shaun, it was not my lifelong dream to have Shaun photograph my wedding… in fact when we first got engaged the name ‘Shaun Rose’ didn’t mean anything to me. All I can say now is THANK GOD for my sister Sarah, because when we announced our engagement her firsts words were not “oh my gosh congratulations you guys!” they were “BOOK SHAUN ROSE NOW”. Obviously this was the best advice ever, and luckily for us the timing of our wedding (designed to work around farming timelines) actually worked in really well with Shaun and we were able to book him even though the wedding was only 10 months away!

 Even through the process of securing our booking and sending emails back and forth I still felt like I was maybe missing something and didn’t quite understand what all the hype was about… right up until we had our meet and greet with Shaun two months later and then BAM there it was – ‘The Shaun Rose Effect’! And this is what we would like to testify to.

 ‘The Shaun Rose Effect’ had an awesome influence on our wedding: from the three hours Shaun spent with us prior to the big day trekking around the farm, the hamlet and the river; to his calming effect while we getting ready on the day; to his fun energy and great sense of humour all through the photos and the reception. All of this of course culminating in our photos which quite simply exceeded expectations and have brought us so much joy, and we know they will continue to bring us such joy for the rest of our lives.

 Shaun, you are AMAZING and we are so grateful to you, not just for capturing our magical day but for being a part of it!

 Our most heartfelt thanks,

 Jess and Ben Royce